Saturday, December 27, 2014

ICloud Bypass software tool iOS 8.1.2

Perhaps you have an iDevice which is locked and you want to Bypass iCloud Activation lock remove on it. Well we have a solution for this kind of issue because our team Blogger Brothers has developed a software tool which is totally free and can solve your issue very efficiently. It is called iCloud Bypass Tool, which is an updated version and currently can be downloaded only for a limited time period only from us. Once the iOS 8.1.2 was released we have updated our software tool and it is know the iOS 8.1.2 Bypass icloud Lock - iCloud Bypass tool. Using our tool you can safely remove the iCloud Lock. It is a free ware and it is available for all apple users. Once you download this tool you can use our step by step tutorial on how to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock to learn on how to remove the iCloud Lock without experiencing any kind of problems. This tool is amazing and you can download iCloud Bypass tool with our free links for download bellow.

iCloud Activation Lock Bypass Tool

How does iCloud Activation Lock Bypass Function?

The working method of Blogger Brothers iCloud Bypass tool is that it works directly with your device’s database. Briefly said it blends in with your iCloud Activation Lock data which is contained in your device and then connects to the database in Apple’s servers. Once connected it traces and locates your iCloud Lock details and deletes this data permanently. Once this process is finished you it allows you the user to can bypass icloud activation lock and remove the former iCloud Lock from your device. Once you remove the iCloud lock you can easily make a new Apple account with new Apple ID and Email. Moreover all of this can be completed very quickly and safely. For further instructions on how to exactly use our Server Bypass Tool check our tutorial to accurately see how does the whole process looks like regarding the iCloud Activation remove using iOS 8.1.2 iCloud lock bypass tool.

Bypass iCloud Activation with iCloud Bypass tool

  • Het the iOS 8.1.2 Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Bypass tool from our download links, which is compatible with your computer OS.
  • Install it on your computer.
  • Connect your iDevice and PC using USB and wait until the device is detected.
  • Start the iCloud Bypass tool.
  • Run Bypass Now.
  • Wait until the Bypass iCloud activation process is fully completed.
  • Wait until your device is Auto Rebooted.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bypass iOS 7 Activation Lock Without Apple ID

How the iOS 7 bypass tool works?

Lately we see distinct service sites and also blogs offer us all this software that we are not aware of if it operates. Also the technique are presented can be complicated or not necessarily feasible, because not enough technical training or just do not have confidence in these softwares. So we are usually here to offer you a Bypass iOS 7 Activation Lock tool that will enable, activate your own property iphones and iPads, read our content and check the this tool who will solve all this problems. Our iPhone Dev-Team arrived at a solution, the solution was not an easy task to implement for this kind of wide spectrum regarding devices but we succeed.

The tool is made to monitor and analyze the data of the connected device and to implement server scripts. For security reasons we've addet two links to the servers: server 1 and also server 2. With this method reliability on the tool to succeed is really a lot higher. Don't worry we will show you how thru all the procedure, with instructions and also video material. Therefore let's start.

To successful bypass icloud lock follou this steps:

After Downloading the tool.

1.Install BypassiCloudLock.msi Setup file.
2.Go to C:\Program Files\Default Company Name\BypassiCloudLock.
3.Run BypassiCloudLock.exe installation process is fully automatic.
4. Enter your Device to DFU Mode
5. Enter your new Apple ID and Password you wish to have.
6. Select server support and Chek I agree terms od use on the tool.
7. Press Bypass and the results will show you in the moment.
8. You are done, enjoy it.

Bypass iOS7 Activation Lock on Video Proof

File Size: 6,83MB
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